Learning Enhancement Center is an all-inclusive learning center. We provide academic tutoring as well as focus on the source of learning struggles and construct a course of action to overcome any learning difficulties.  Through one-on-one training we improve attention skills, reading and comprehension, long-term memory, working memory, processing speed, auditory processing, math skills, visualization, reading comprehension, and so much more.  Each client is evaluated through a wide variety of nationally known standardized testing tools.

Once a client’s needs have been determined, we design a specific program to improve the specific areas of deficiencies, as well as other areas of academic and personal success.  All of our programs are research-based and designed to increase the overall ability for the brain to process information which in turn prepares the student to be a better learner.  It is our goal at Learning Enhancement Center to make each client and their families feel unique.  With our expertise combined with our specialized individual programs, Learning Enhancement Center makes learning easier and fun, increases confidence, and promotes success in all areas of life.


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