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Success Stories


Due to the sensitive nature of the various struggles faced by some of our students, some names have been changed or omitted to protect the privacy and preserve the self-esteem of those students.

“Thank you so much for all your help.  I have seen such a change in Charlie.  I don’t know where to start. I’ll just make a list:

  • Ability to catch a ball
  • Increase in focus and attention
  • He is able to blend consonants
  • Stopped wetting the bed completely
  • Has a new zest for learning
  • Has so much more confidence
  • Sleeps through the night
  • Firmer grasp on phonics
  • Ability to compile his own sentences
  • Better spelling abilities

I’m sure there is something I have overlooked, but there has been such monumental changes is so many areas of his life, I can’t list them all.  We both want to give you something special. I found this and thought of you.  It is an antique dresser tray because I know how much you like antiques.

Thank you,

Stacy G.


“The Learning Enhancement Center has helped Jason in many ways.  He is more focused than before.  He is more attentive than EVER before.  Jason was successful in passing the TAKS test.  He has also had great success with his listening program and really likes it! He told me he thought the program was fun and that he learned a lot of things but focusing is what he said helped him the most.”


Dear Kristin,

Thank you for your enthusiasm towards helping Jessica. I know she enjoyed working with you and your teachers very much.  It is evident that she is doing much better this year and her grades are showing it!  You have given her the tools and confidence for a successful school year, and with God’s blessing she will be go far in life.


Norma W.

(Letter from daughter is below)


Dear Ms. Kristin,

Thank you and Ms. Stevenson and Ms. Thomas for helping me this year.  My grades are so much better than I expected. I hope your family is doing well. I enjoyed you helping me so much. Have a great year!

Best wishes,

Jessica W.


“Josh’s first 90’s this year!!!!! 85 in reading is “GOOD” for him!! Can’t thank you enough.”

(This student was 12 when he came to the center. He graduated this year with honors and has a scholarship to a Dallas college.)

Dear Friend,

The Learning Center and you, Kristin, were an answer to prayer.  My son, who is 8 and in the 3rd grade, discovered and acquired better learning skills and the ability to focus his attention more intently on specific information in any given situation he found himself in, whether it was spelling, reading, math or memorization.  He learned to calm his anxiety over testing and say “can” more often than “I can’t” or “I’m nervous”. We can’t believe his level of confidence and how much more relaxed he is at home and at school. He has a better work ethic and the teachers can’t believe the increase in his processing speed. I would recommend your center to any parent who thinks their child needs extra instruction, confidence or improvement in their overall learning skills. Daniel is now equipped to much better deal with his education going forward in this fast paced learning environment we live in.

God Bless you and the staff at Learning Enhancement and continued success for all future students.



Melissa B.


“Blake is in the 4th grade and now reading on level. It seemed after the summer tutoring program he went through, things started clicking during his third grade year.  He was able to sound out words for the first time in his life and read at a faster rate. His comprehension is improving now.”


We wanted to share that Sarah has had a GREAT week at school.  She made a 97 on her Reading benchmark, a 94 on her English Benchmark and got asked to be part of The National Honor Society.  The teacher said her math skills have improved to the extent that she has been helping other students with their work. After 2 previous summers of summer school, in order for Sarah to pass, we are looking forward to a summer of fun instead of school. We can’t thank you enough for what you have done for our daughter. Thanks to all!

Sandra B.


Dear Kristin,

We have seen such a difference in Colton this year.  As you know, he had a mental block that he couldn’t read and understand phonics.  He was told this by his former teacher. She said his dyslexia kept him from understanding words by sounding them out.  Well, through much love and tender perseverance at the learning center, he now knows that he can read and is reading like a champ. We are so grateful for you and what you have done for our son.

We love you!

Teresa K.

“I wanted to write a note of thanks for changing my little guy, Jaxon’s, life. He has learned so much over these last few months.  The main thing he has learned is to believe in himself. He is so motivated now and asks to read to me and his dad. He  looked so forward to coming to tutoring and asked several times if he could come when it wasn’t even his day to come.  You really know how to motivate him and he loves the fact that you reward him with prizes. I have referred you to several of my friends, one of which has already called you and made an appointment for an evaluation. His teacher marvels at his improvement and says he is a different child.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to you and your tutors. Thanks again!”

Jacqueline H.